I used to have a wish list on Amazon, but I couldn’t add the things I truly want. They can’t deliver on world peace or solutions to the climate crisis, and don’t seem to have any products to eliminate racism and sexism and ableism and ageism and all the other ways people are told they’re not worthy. They do have books that can change your heart, so does the library. There are some products that bring ease and joy into my life (hello, stationery), and I’ve received many lovely gifts to cherish in my life. I’ve also received clutter, and, frankly, gifts that were downright insulting (yes, an ex-partner did give me a book on how to improve a specific sex technique, I’m not sure that reflected well on either of us!)

I’m a big fan of Valentines / Galentines ❤️ What’s not to enjoy about telling people they matter to you? If you or your beloved don’t enjoy hallmark cards or jewellery, and flowers are overpriced, here is a list of gifts for any occasion, for all occasions*.

  • poetry
  • undivided attention
  • laughter
  • hugs
  • sunrises and sunsets and stargazing
  • a walk or a paddle or a bike ride
  • candlelight
  • music and dancing
  • plants
  • art

*please note that all occasions are enhanced by chocolate and wine, or peanuts and beer, or cookies and tea, fruit and coffee, you get the idea.

ALSO, it may be too late to get it delivered by Valentine’s day, but I can’t recommend enough: Peace by Chocolate. Learn the story, support the causes, savour the treats, and maybe you can buy a bit of world peace after all.


  1. What a great list, Karen. I would add homemade stuff to it – I like giving people cakes or biscuits (when I have time to bake). My husband got some homemade marmalade for his birthday yesterday from a friend who makes especially delicious marmalade – it made him so happy! Thanks also for the link to Peace by Chocolate – what a fantastic organisation,

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    1. Thanks Julie! And yes* to homemade goodies!!
      * marmalade, baking = so yummy 😊, but I have to be honest that I’d prefer a simple hug over homemade wine or – it really should go without saying – bottled moose meat (an actual canadian thing that can be more divisive than politics 😂).

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  2. What? You mean a bottle of moose meat doesn’t show you care? What am I going to give my husband on Valentine’s Day now?! 😁😂 You’re right though, there has to be a limit on homemade stuff, otherwise you can get inundated with all manner of weirdness (bottled moose meat probably being the weirdest – no offence to Canadians).

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