About Me

I’ve worked with kids and youth with disabilities my whole career, first as a front-line clinician and then in senior management roles. I have training and experience in all areas of corporate management, as well as clinical and research expertise, and a particular interest in ethics, coaching, and teaching. My passion is editing, bringing clarity and ease to written communication.

I love to declutter. When I discovered the joy and freedom of radically reducing all the things in my life and in my head, everything clicked. With no more energy spent managing volumes of stuff, I had relaxed space to explore what mattered to me, and I got excited about helping others find this magical ease in their lives.

I’m a popular speaker, on ways to manage workflow effectively, as well as my work with privacy and ethics. I love doing presentations and consulting – I’m invited to speak all over Canada, so I get to combine my enthusiasm for my work with my enthusiasm for traveling!

The radical decluttering approach brought clarity to my thinking as well. In my work as a privacy officer, I cleared away the clutter to focus on the principles underlying all the laws and regulations. I shifted from a focus on “compliance” to integrating privacy principles into the great work our organization was already doing: We made our services better, and compliance was a natural outcome. I started applying this to all my work, and found it makes decisions easier and faster.

One bit of magic in my life is simple ink on paper. I write absolutely all the time, and always have. I have minimal material possessions until you count my notebooks, planner, bullet journals, pens, markers, fountain pens, inks … they all bring happiness and colour into my daily life 🙂 My clients have other magic treasures – music, makeup, cooking, art, crochet, sports – and after eliminating the clutter from their lives, these treasures get to shine!

I’m a tech wiz, full of practical shortcuts for using apps and software to simplify things. It’s a different satisfaction than ink on paper, and full of magic.

As I said, I am always writing, and I do many editing jobs, bringing clarity to written communication. I think of it as decluttering words to amplify the important messages. I’m a member of Editors Canada.

I have a B.Sc., M.(Cl)Sc. (Masters of Clinical Science), am an Adjunct Professor in the School of Communication Sciences at Western University, and a Certified Information and Privacy Professional – Canada (CIPP/C). I’ve also done extensive coursework in counselling and ethics.

Saving the best for last, I’m a mother. I have two amazing teenagers who are the brightest joy in this wonderful life.

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