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I love to declutter. In the past, I was always busy organizing with containers and labels, forever trying out new systems to manage all my things and ideas, but there was always more and more stuff and too many ideas to keep straight. Things never ‘clicked’.

A few years ago, I discovered the joy and freedom of radically reducing all the things in my life and in my head – no more energy spent managing it all, just relaxed space to enjoy and explore the important stuff. Everything clicked, and I became passionate about helping others find this magical ease in their lives too.

Even before doing my radical decluttering, I was a popular speaker – on my work with privacy and ethics, and on ways to manage workflow effectively. Now I’ve grown those ideas to a whole new level, without losing the practical tips that make such a difference. I love doing presentations and consulting – I’m invited to speak all over Canada, so I get to combine my enthusiasm for my work with my enthusiasm for traveling!

The approach brought clarity to my thinking as well. In my work as a privacy officer, I cleared away the clutter to focus on the principles underlying all the laws and regulations. I shifted from a focus on “compliance” to integrating privacy principles into the great work our organization was already doing – we made our services better, and compliance was a natural outcome. I started applying this to all my work, and found it makes decisions easier and faster, even big group decisions!

I’ve worked with kids and youth with disabilities for my whole career – first as a front-line clinician, and for more than 20 years I’ve been in senior management roles at a mid-size non-profit. I have training and experience in all areas of corporate management, as well as clinical and research expertise, and a particular interest in ethics, coaching, and teaching.

One bit of magic in my life is simple ink on paper. I write absolutely all the time, and always have. I have minimal material possessions until you count my notebooks, planner, bullet journals, pens, markers, fountain pens, inks… they all bring happiness and colour into my daily life 🙂 My clients have other magic treasures – music, makeup, cooking, art, crochet, sports – and after eliminating the clutter from their lives, these treasures get to shine!

I’m a tech wiz as well, full of practical shortcuts for using apps and software to simplify things. It’s a different satisfaction than ink on paper, and full of magic.

As I said, I am always writing, and I also enjoy editing, bringing clarity to written communication – I think of it as decluttering words to amplify the important messages.

I have a B.Sc., M.(Cl)Sc. (Masters of Clinical Science), am an Adjunct Professor in the School of Communication Sciences at Western University, and a Certified Information and Privacy Professional – Canada (CIPP/C). I’ve also done extensive coursework in counselling and ethics.

Saving the best for last, I’m a mother. I have two amazing teenagers who are the brightest joy in this wonderful life.