sunlight reflecting in wavy patterns on the wall

Our home is full of space and openness – every room has clear surfaces, with only houseplants and truly treasured items out on display. It’s not a stark minimalist look – it’s a colourful and cozy 100+ year old house, just with not much stuff. It’s me and my two teenagers (and often their friends), so there can be noise and clutter for sure, but in general: Serene and tidy.

Here’s my nightstand.


And our linen closet. daxEMtpOQS60+He0OSGwtg

Kinda empty right? Then… then there are the pens… ALL THE PENS!!! I never go anywhere without my 3 Coletos, 2 fountain pens, and Muji 0.38. I use them all, so joyfully, every day, so they get prime real estate in our office.

lots and lots of different pens
Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen, Coletos, random calligraphy pen set, MUJI, Flairs, Tombows, Sakura brushes, Microns, Copics, mildliners, and more and more 🙂

My daughter uses them too, and has pencil crayons and markers to add to the mix. fullsizeoutput_1a58

I can talk forever about which pens I use for which tasks and why – that will be a blog post or two in the future! For now, I’m going to go put some ink on paper 🙂

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