Treasured Tools

Have I mentioned my love of ink on paper? For me, writing things down is a meditative, sensory experience. The physical act of handwriting calms me and gives me joy. I also find that using a paper schedule helps my brain plan better – I rely on my computer schedule, and also write things into my Passion Planner ( My planner is also where I put everything, work – kids – social – exercise – home. It’s highly personal and the place where I decide when I need a sanity day because it’s too cluttered, or notice the balance of time with friends and time alone is skewed. (More details in this blog post)

Work schedule & email: Novell GroupWise. I wouldn’t actually say I treasure this, so much as I appreciate the functions. It’s like Outlook or Google-Suite and makes sharing storing and finding information so easy. Booking appointments and meetings is easy, and I’ve got it set up to make managing my work load and work flow a breeze.

All computers – I do love tech! My favourite by far is my MacBook. I use Windows at work, and an iPhone, an iPad, and will gladly play with any other device you hand me.

Cloud services. I’m a certified Privacy Professional (CIPP/C) so I get the worry about putting personal information into online services. I decluttered my digital life radically too and have specific uses for iCloud and Google Drive. I have the privilege (?) of having to know the privacy settings intimately for my day job.

Pretty things! I don’t have many hardcopy files, but the ones I do have are in stunningly gorgeous folders. My MacBook has a colourful vinyl skin (from that makes me smile all day. My pen case and notebooks are lovely. I don’t keep notebooks when I’m done with them, but I have been known to take a photo of a few of them because they are so joyful to look at.