Clowning Around on YouTube

I started a YouTube channel!(?!) It’s here: Karen Lowry youtube and before you go looking for exciting content … the two short videos I uploaded are just testimonials about that presentation I gave last November on privacy. I did it because it was the easiest way to add videos to my site here, in termsContinue reading “Clowning Around on YouTube”

Privacy: Beyond Compliance

Using Privacy Principles for Better Business I am feeling impatient as I wait for the professional video clips from a talk I gave recently, so rather than check email constantly I thought I’d write about the topic. For now, you’ll just have to visualize me inspiring the audience and happy participants giving testimonials about how wonderfulContinue reading “Privacy: Beyond Compliance”

Sharing About Privacy

People talk about privacy laws and confidentiality requirements with worry and annoyance. I see it differently, and love talking about it in ways that inspire people. I got to do just that last week at a conference in Toronto.  I don’t have many specific goals in life – I’ve written about this before – butContinue reading “Sharing About Privacy”