Managing Negative Energy

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There are times I need to put on armour (mine = a smile, the frozen-on-my-face kind) to protect myself from negative energy. Armour weighs me down though, and usually it feels better, lighter, truer to let my inner positive energy shine out.

Spread Those Good Vibes

You’re sitting on a plane or train or subway or bus. You’re relaxing in comfort (so maybe not on a plane after all …) in a window seat, excited about your travels, and the seat next to you is still empty even though most people already boarded. Just as you get your hopes up, a person arrives in a fluster and frazzle of activity. Their bag doesn’t fit in the overhead bin or under their seat, they fill the air with angry grunts and sighs. They block the aisle and roll their eyes at those trying to pass, then eventually flounce into your personal space. They adjust and adjust, tsk-ing and moaning.

Are you shrinking? Retreating into yourself? Maybe getting angry and asserting your right to space, claiming that armrest? What walls are you putting up to keep their negativity out of your world?

You may be successful in blocking them out, but notice that shift you’ve made – from relaxed to fighting. From open to closed.

Let’s open back up and share your happy vibes out into the world.

  • Smile to yourself.
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • Remember your happy excitement from earlier, and send that feeling out with each exhale.
  • Breathe in your seatmate’s frustration at the world, welcoming it and holding it with compassion.

You can’t take away whatever demons they’re fighting, but you know we’ve all been the flustered person at times. At this time, you’re the person who is a pool of calm serenity, sending out ripples of peace. Let your energy spread and set the tone.

Smile and be expansive in any interactions you have with others during the trip. Appreciate your happiness and enjoy your journey ❤️



4 thoughts on “Managing Negative Energy

    1. Thank you, Julie. As always, it’s advice for myself that I write: As I moved from taking in others’ negative energy to blocking it out to sitting in peace with it (and spreading my own good energy!), I felt dramatically better on my journeys through life. Easier to say than do sometimes, though 🙂

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