After going through a season or two of decluttering, I stopped needing checklists to help me – one of the many bonuses to having very few things is that it’s easy to keep track of them without long lists. Here’s one of the checklists I used  (more of ‘what to keep’ than ‘what to discard’):

Radical Decluttering list

I do still use lists for my digital decluttering because I haven’t found a way to streamline online resources as well as I’d like. When I figure it out, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, here’s a list I refer to regularly, at least once a month.

Digital Declutter checklist

Here’s a more general version of a digital decluttering list – and this one allows for unlimited pet pictures! Because, pets.

Digital Decluttering 2

I love to travel and I have a toiletries bag ready to go because I am impulsive and when I book a last minute random trip out of the country, I’m too excited to be careful with my packing. What I’ll need for a weekend at the cottage is different than camping is different than manhattan is different than a week on a tropical beach, so I don’t always take everything in the bag. I have a few hard copies of this master list printed out and just cross off the irrelevant items.

packing list

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