What does it mean to Work With Ease?

  • It’s an approach to your workflow and workspace that leads to focused, relaxed productivity, getting the right things done.
  • It means doing more by doing less.
  • It means enjoying your work and the feeling of flow.
  • A slower pace, more creativity, more enjoyment.

We clear the clutter from your work, with intentional choices about what will take up space in your physical space, computer, phone, and brain.

It means doing one thing at a time, with clarity about why you’re doing that thing. You’ll know which things don’t matter as much as you thought they did, and can be let go.

It gives you three options for each thing that comes across your attention: Do it, delete it, or save it in a specific place for a specific purpose. We fill in the details about each of those: The doing, the letting go, and the storing.

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Work With Ease Principles

Planning for Ease This is a checklist I use to start conversations with clients.

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