Communicate with ease! I will help your words shine. I love words, and working with yours is an honour.

You can read about my experience and qualifications on the About Me page or read my profile at Editors Canada:

My specialty for non-fiction work is healthcare and rehabilitation research. I edit articles with precision for publication in peer-reviewed journals and summarize them in plain language for non-technical readers.

I work on fiction pieces as well, mostly novels.

I work with a range of style guides and publishing formats – Canadian, American and international. I can also make sure your work reaches all your audiences by meeting accessibility standards.

My rates are reasonable, and I can give you a quote by word count, by project or by the hour. Tell me about your goals and we will work out what’s best. I’m happy to do a sample piece for you as well.

Let’s bring clarity and flow to your communications. I’m looking forward to it!

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