Welcome, 2020!

living room with yoga mat and sleeping cats

Welcome! is my theme this year It already led me down a happy path of coincidence: Adriene Mischler tweeted out "Welcome Home" for her newest yoga series on youtube, an obvious sign for me to join in. I haven’t done thirty days of yoga before so we’ll see how my body reacts, but for years…


me looking very happy

I did a thing. A fabulous impulsive thing I'm so glad about! I didn't set out to do the thing, but it was meant to be. I gave them my money - threw all sorts of money at them - and got an email saying thanks, things fill up quickly so we'll get back to…

A few words about things taking the time they need, and yoga

me and my daughter in downward dog pose

My first yoga class echoed with laughter as a friend and I twisted our bodies into awkward knots. We were young, at a gym to get a workout, and paid no attention to the meditative or relaxation parts of the class. A bit older, I lay on my mat in a library basement, no longer…

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