I’m here to help you lighten the load you’re carrying, to make space for clarity and flow.

Have focus, communicate clearly and be effective at the work that matters most to you. I can help you get there, to your vision of calm, productive clarity.

If you want an editor for communications, magic to simplify your workflow, or ways to organize the clutter, I will be your guide.

I’m a certified privacy professional and can help you and your staff meet your privacy obligations in ways that enhance your work, not make it harder. I also have extensive training in ethical decision-making that I weave into all my work.

Have a look at my helpful Resources and Contact Me anytime, I love hearing from people.

Karen has an amazing ability to see through the details to the most relevant information. She has a clear vision and in any situation is quickly able to identify next steps.
– colleague

“Extremely relevant and informative. Very engaging!”

Privacy Workshop participant

“Energy level was high, passionate. Obviously well educated and knowledgeable. So relevant and relatable.”

Ethics Workshop participant

Karen is visionary – she sees things at a high level which puts her in an excellent position to guide others.
– colleague

“I loved Karen’s kind, gentle caring personality. Her knowledge and expertise was very interesting.”

Management consulting client

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