Need an enthusiastic editor?

I will help you connect with your readers through direct and accessible writing.

Easy to work with, precise, and unashamedly enthusiastic about words, I will perfect your work. I am a professional who’s worked in nonprofits and academic publishing for decades, with enough credentials to know what matters and experience to know what doesn’t.

Reach all your readers: I specialize in explaining complex ideas clearly and ensuring accessibility for readers with disabilities. I’m a tech wiz: tell me how you want your information to look and I’ll make it happen.

My specialties are academic editing and health care communications. I also create and edit corporate documents, like policies and reports, that people actually read and use. See the services section for more information and a list of my other projects.

I’m an active member of Editors Canada.
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“Your intervention on the document was excellent. You efficiently edited the text and proficiently improved the overall structure of the document.”

Enago Editors

“I can confirm Karen is a very enthusiastic editor.”

My son, Andrew

“Her greatest contribution is the ability to share information in a clear, concise, useable way. Karen, you take such detail, compile and share it in such a way that detail-impaired people such as myself don’t get lost.”

Content writing client