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You’ve done the research, the analysis, and the writing. I will help you get to the finish line with a squeaky-clean document ready to submit. I enjoy taking care of the details. I specialize in applying APA style to student theses, dissertations, and articles for peer-reviewed journals.

Easy to work with, precise, and unashamedly enthusiastic about words, I will polish your work. I am a professional who’s worked in nonprofits and academic publishing for decades, with enough credentials to know what matters and experience to know what doesn’t. Find out more about me.

Your writing will be smooth and clear, and your paper will be immaculately formatted. Read about my services.

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“You didn’t only help me with editing my thesis, you helped me out of mental health struggles on this work.”

Master’s thesis client

“I want to say that that it was indeed really lovely working with you. I appreciate how fast you worked and even the very helpful pointers you gave.”

Nonfiction book client

“I can confirm Karen is a very enthusiastic editor.”

My son, Andrew

“I am on page 20 and could not be more pleased. You are the real deal, and I so appreciate all the comments and suggestions! What a gift to have found you!!! You are a dream to work with and everything I hoped for.

I feel so relieved knowing you are on the job.”

Tracy O’Shaughnessy, conference program client

Let me take care of the details.