My Code of Conduct

I aim to provide exceptional work in a welcoming, respectful and safe environment.

My work is founded on respect. As we work together, I ask you to share your principles and values so that we can openly talk about any differences or conflicts we have.

I will show respect by:

  • being open and honest
  • communicating clearly
  • honouring the privacy of the information you share with me
  • welcoming diverse perspectives, being willing to change my own ideas and assumptions
  • treating you with dignity and supporting you as a unique individual
  • being guided by your decisions and needs
  • keeping current on professional best practices
  • actively seeking feedback on my work
  • holding myself accountable, taking responsibility for my words and actions, and following through on my commitments.

Conflict of Interest

I will acknowledge, disclose and appropriately address any real, perceived or potential conflict of interest that may interfere with the ethical delivery of my services

I will accept gifts only if they are of nominal value and based on goodwill (and ideally edible…mmmmm chocolate…) rather than on the potential for unfair advantage. If you choose to express gratitude to me by way of a charitable donation, please consider My Sisters Place.

I will clearly label any blog posts that have affiliate links or are sponsored (which is none at the moment, but you never know).

Complaints & Compliments

My work should be of exceptional quality, with very high attention to detail and virtually error-free (I aim for perfection but I’m human, so no guarantees). I will gladly rewrite or re-edit material that does not meet your expectations of quality.

If you feel that I am not meeting your expectations in any way, I encourage you to tell me about this directly so that I may understand and rectify the situation.

I also welcome compliments of course 🙂. Please tell me what I’m doing that you find particularly helpful. I would always ask your permission before using any compliments as public testimonials, and your agreement or not to that is always completely voluntary.

Commitment to Your Privacy

I will collect your information for the purpose of providing services and your billing information for payment. I will keep notes on our conversations as well as copies of our communication. I will not share your personal information with anyone without your express, informed consent except in rare situations where disclosing it is required by law.

I treat the material you share with me for my editing, proofreading or writing services with the utmost regard for its confidentiality. I delete materials when projects are complete and I’ve been paid.

Occasionally I will ask clients if I may use their information, anonymized, for teaching or case study purposes. Agreeing to this would be completely voluntary.

Similarly, I sometimes ask to use clients’ feedback for testimonials or marketing information. Again, choosing to agree to this or not is voluntary.

The fact of you being my client is also something I keep private, with the exception of possibly needing to share information about our financial transactions with Canada Revenue Agency for my taxes and/or any audits of my business.

You may choose to follow or friend me on social media. See my Social Media Policy for more information.

I collect standard technical information about users of my website through Google Analytics and JetPack WordPress stats. The purpose is to give me information about how users are finding and using my site so that I can improve it. My website uses cookies and spam filters. Please contact me at if you want more technical details. I do not use ad services on my website.


I take steps to protect your personal information from loss, theft, and unauthorized access.

Hard copy information is stored in a locked filing cabinet in my home office. I rarely bring hard copies of personal information when I leave the office, and when I do, it is in a locked briefcase.

I store most information electronically. My computers and phone are encrypted and no one else has my password. I will only share it through means such as email or Google Drive that you agree to.

Email and texting are not secure ways of communicating, and I will only use them to communicate non-sensitive information with you with your permission. My email and website communications are through GoDaddy and WordPress. To share private information with you, I use which has end-to-end encryption. I don’t use any subcontractors that would have access to your private information. 


I expect my services to be equally accessible to all people, including people with disabilities or different abilities. I am familiar with assistive devices and alternate methods of communication, and will adapt communication methods to best meet each individual’s needs. Service animals are welcome in my workspace and of course if you have a support person accompanying you, they can be part of our meetings in whatever way you choose. For workshops where I charge a per-person rate, support workers will not be charged to attend.


I welcome feedback on all aspects of my services – please share your thoughts or questions in any format or method that suits you and I will respond promptly.

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