About Me

me holding a coffee by the christmas tree

Short version, my twitter bio:

Mother. Writer. Copy editor. Wannabe minimalist. Enthusiastic about everything. Forever dreaming of waves. ✨ She/her

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Longer, has-some-credentials version: I’ve worked for over thirty years in rehabilitation and health-care services as a clinician, researcher, educator and administrator. My day job involves editing and writing policies and guidelines, journal articles, brief research summaries, grant proposals and reports to funders. I’m also an adjunct professor in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Western University. All sounds very serious, right? Not a fan of serious, I make the work fun where I can and am proud to be known as a bureaucrat who cuts through bureaucracy. I do all this with a strong reputation for simple, clear writing with the occasional joke. 🙂

I’m passionate about making medical and scientific writing easy to read and meaningful – cutting through BS brings me joy! – and I pursued formal training in copy editing and proofreading to perfect my skills.

I started my freelance work in 2018, and as well as individual projects, I have an eclectic mix of regular work: I edit and proofread novels for authors, write magazine articles and a newsletter for a local business, and edit academic journal articles by researchers.

My clients tell me I bring magic and humour to the page, and getting to spend my days playing with words is magic to me. The work breathes life into my training in linguistics and grammar, and builds on my Masters degree and experience in speech-language pathology. It’s all about how humans communicate and how to support people when communication doesn’t come easily. I’m a member of Editors Canada. I’m studying Creative Writing through the University of Calgary and often attend editing and writing workshops and webinars.

I’m a wannabe minimalist, always moving closer to the clarity of an uncluttered life, and share that energy gladly with clients. I think of editing as decluttering words to let the message shine through.

In the Before Times, pre-COVID, I was an avid traveller. I’d (mostly) stopped my habit of jumping on airplanes to new adventures because of the climate crisis, but continued to go on adventures in more responsible ways. I’m also a pen and stationery addict (no minimalism there) and outdoor enthusiast.

Saving the best for last, I’m a mother. I have two amazing teenagers who are the brightest joy in this wonderful life.

Let’s reach all your readers.