I correct or make suggestions for wording, grammar, consistency, flow, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. I check that references and citations match, and I tidy up reference list entries. I structure tables and figures as needed and arrange “front matter” such as a list of abbreviations, table of contents, etc.

I apply the formatting guidelines from your school or journal, defaulting to APA style for areas not specified by other guidelines.

Editing Process

I work with you throughout the editing stage of your writing. When you have a draft (or section of a draft) ready, you send it to me and get to stop thinking about it for a couple of days. I usually start with the academic backbone of the paper: citations and references. I identify any that are missing or incomplete so that you can gather those while I edit your content.

I use Microsoft Word, tracking changes and adding explanatory comments or questions as needed. You do the same when you send me the next version, and we repeat the cycle until your document is ready for submission.

I’m easy to work with, quick to respond, and reliable. 

Click to see my rates and note that my schedule gets full every spring and late fall, so please book my time as early as you can.

Let me take care of the details.