I will help you get your message across to all your readers and take care of the formatting and accessibility features for you. I’m easy to work with, quick to respond and reliable.

My rates are reasonable and an initial consult is always free. Reach out and let me know what you’re hoping I can do for you. I will edit, write, or proofread a short sample at no charge so that we both know if we want to proceed on a project together.

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Research articles ready to publish

Academic Editing

I will ensure your academic papers are clear, accurate and impeccably formatted. I work with a range of style guides and publishing formats, Canadian, American and international. I’ve written and published materials in rehabilitation research for more than 30 years in American Medical Association (AMA), American Psychological Association (APA), Council of Science Editors (CSE) and Modern Languages Association (MLA) styles. 

I’m familiar with submission guidelines of major journals – Elsevier, Gage, Taylor & Francis, Springer, and NRC Research Press among others – and adapt easily to variations in their requirements.

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Complex ideas expressed simply

Healthcare Communications

Having worked for over 30 years in healthcare, I am passionate about communicating clinical information in plain language to patients and their families. I also take research information and distill it to relevant practice guidelines for clinicians.

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Communicate with ease

Other Editing & Writing

I enjoy a variety of jobs, big and small.

  • fiction copy editing and proofreading
  • marketing materials
  • copy writing
  • recipes (!)
  • professional association newsletters
  • website content
  • policies
  • grant proposals
  • resumes and cover letters

What content will you improve today? Send me your copy and I’ll make it shine. I love words and working with yours is an honour.

Let’s reach all your readers.