I love doing (and talking about) this work so an initial consultation is always free. I’ll happily edit a short sample for you before giving you an estimate.

For copyediting, I can give you an estimate of the time needed at $55 per hour or a fixed project rate that won’t change. For proofreading, I charge $45 per hour. If you are paying by the hour, I bill you for the actual time I spend on your work.

Depending on how complex your project is (i.e., how many tables, references, and extra formatting it has) and the level of editing the writing needs, I would expect to edit six to eight double-spaced pages of work an hour. Proofreading is faster.

You can control your costs by limiting what work I do: Some clients ask me to do only the formatting and references, and others ask me to focus on the clarity of their writing. You can pay hourly and see how far we get with full editing before your budget runs out, or you can choose a project rate to get your final submission completely ready. You decide what will work best for you.

I give students discounted rates.

I also offer bare-bones APA formatting and reference checking. See APAeditor.ca for details and pricing.

Let me take care of the details.