I love doing (and talking about) this work so an initial consultation is always free. I’ll happily edit or write a short sample for you before giving you an estimate.

Copy editing

I correct or make suggestions for wording, grammar, consistency, flow, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. This service can include checking links and cross references; creating linked tables, such as a table of contents or table of figures; and, formatting reference lists or bibliographies. I apply style guides and formatting rules according to your preferences, and I can make each piece fully compliant with accessibility guidelines.

If you have a draft thesis or dissertation, this is the service for you. I will work with you to get your draft polished to perfection (or at least to your supervisor’s or committee’s satisfaction) and ready to submit.

I can give you an estimate of the time needed at $50 per hour or a fixed project rate. I give students discounted rates.


I check the final version (the “proof”) of a piece for accuracy and layout, noting and correcting typos and formatting issues.

$45 per hour.

For copy editing and proofreading together, it’s $60 per hour.

Copy writing

You give me the theme or topic, and I create material with the tone, length, and focus you want. For example, I write short blog posts for a local business in the helpful, neighbourly style they asked for, avoiding marketing jargon or sales pitches. (Side note, if you’re looking for sales pitches, I’m probably not the writer for you.)

Tell me your needs and we’ll find a price that suits both of us.

Ghost writing

This is like copy writing but with more content from you – that you share through conversations, written notes, or other materials. I turn that content into a well-written manuscript, ensuring that your voice and style shine through.

Tell me your needs and we’ll find a price that suits both of us.